Droplet Developmemt

AuthMe Bot

Authenticate New Users

Command Description Usage
am!help Displays all the commands am!help
am!stats Displays the bots stats am!stats
am!support Gives you a link to our discord am!support
am!premium Displays the premium commands am!premium
am!setup Set AuthMe up for your server am!setup
am!invite Gives you an invite for this bot am!invite
am!vote am!vote Vote for our bot
am!authmessage Send the authentication message in the verification channel am!authmessage
am!verify Lets users verify themselves in your server am!verify



1. Custom role and channel names
2. Change prefix of the bot
3. Change the footer of all embeds
4. Change the embed color of all embeds
5. Disable direct messages from the bot
6. Use beta features
7. Use custom AuthMessage


Command Description Usage
am!config prefix Makes it so you can change the prefix for your server am!config prefix newprefix
am!config embedcolor Makes it so you can change the RichEmbeds color am!config embedcolor colorcode/hexcode
am!config footer Allows you to change the ReactionRoles footer am!config footer Nice looking footer for your embeds
am!config directmessages Allows you to disable/enable private messages from the bot for your server am!config footer Nice looking footer for your embeds
am!config authlogs Allows you to Enable/Disable logs from the bot am!config true/false
am!config joinmessage The message users get on join am!config joinmessage New Amazing Join Message


How to redeem!

1. Go to your discord you want premium in.
2. Follow the steps in the email sent am!redeem key
3. Thats it! You got premium! Need help? Ask a staff member!

Click here to purchase premium!