Droplet Developmemt

Reaction Roles Bot

Create reactions that give roles!

Command Description Usage
rr!reactionrole Makes a reaction that will give a role when reacted too. rr!reactionrole
rr!messageinfo Shows the ReactionRoles added to the provided message id rr!messageinfo
rr!removerole Allows you to remove a Reaction Role from the bot rr!removerole
rr!developermode Shows you how to enable Developer Mode. rr!developermode
rr!help Displays a help menu rr!help
rr!invite Shows how to invite the bot to your server rr!invite
rr!messageid Shows you how to get a messages id rr!messageid
rr!stats Shows the bots statistics rr!stats
rr!support Shows how you can get support if needed rr!support
rr!vote Shows how you can vote for our bot rr!vote
rr!premium Shows how you can buy Premium rr!premium



1. Bypass all voting restrictions
2. Change prefix of the bot
3. Change the footer of all embeds
4. Change the embed color of all embeds
5. Disable direct messages from the bot
6. Use beta features
7. Dedicated Premium bot
8. Make and edit embeds


Command Description Usage
rr!config prefix Makes it so you can change the prefix for your server rr!config prefix newprefix
rr!config embedcolor Makes it so you can change the RichEmbeds color rr!config embedcolor colorcode/hexcode
rr!config footer Allows you to change the ReactionRoles footer rr!config footer Nice looking footer for your embeds
rr!config directmessages Allows you to disable/enable private messages from the bot for your server rr!config footer Nice looking footer for your embeds
rr!config joinrole Makes it so you can give users a role on join of your server rr!config joinrole @role
Allows you to edit an embed sent by the bot rr!editembed MESSAGEID #CHANNEL --title Nice Title --color #ffffff --description Nice looking description.
rr!embed Makes a custom RichEmbed  rr!embed --title Hello --color #ff0000 --description this is a custom richembed


How to redeem!

1. Join our discord: here!
2. Go to #◆》bot-commands and type m!redeem
3. Thats it! You got premium! Need help? Ask a staff member!


ReactionRoles Premium - Lifetime


ReactionRoles Premium - 1 Month